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Welcome to Travel is the way. This tourist information site is run by a French woman who experiences the local life of each of her destinations and wants to share her experiences and discoveries with other travel enthusiasts. On Travel is the way, you'll find content about the countries where I've traveled or lived.

The menu includes:

Country: You will find information on local life and culture and tourist spots. For example, on the style of clothing, on customs, cultural differences, on the climate, on places to be visited.

Travel diary: You will find trips made with recommended itineraries as well.

Accommodation: You will find a list of hotels where I have stayed or where friends, family have stayed. There no one who has tested the accommodation is specified in the article.

Cinema and Series: You'll find popular series and movies, categorized by country of origin.

Good addresses: You will find addresses of restaurants, shops where to buy products, all classified by country.

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